Best Luxury Banquet Hall in South Delhi

Are you in search of an exceptional venue in South Delhi to host your next event? Look no further. Our
luxury banquet hall stands as a pinnacle among the top-tier venues in the region, promising an
unforgettable experience for your special occasion.
The significance of a banquet hall in creating lasting memories cannot be overstated. It serves as the
cornerstone for grand events such as weddings, birthdays, and corporate gatherings. Our venue
epitomizes luxury with its exquisite décor, delectable cuisine, expansive halls, ample and secure parking
facilities, ensuring each moment spent here is etched in memory.
More than mere gatherings, banquets symbolize the crafting of memories, the strengthening of bonds,
and the pervading sense of joy. Our establishment, Cherish, located in South Delhi at the esteemed
Imperial Club of India, surpasses expectations with its superior amenities and opulent ambiance. It
elevates special occasions to unparalleled heights, rendering each moment truly magical.

Cherish: Luxury Banquet Hall in South Delhi
South Delhi embodies a fusion of sophistication and vibrancy, and its banquet halls are no exception.
Cherish sets the bar high in the realm of luxury banquet halls, offering a distinguished experience that
resonates with the discerning clientele.

A Luxury Banquet Hall in Vasant Kunj
Vasant Kunj, renowned for its upscale locales, serves as the backdrop for our luxury venue. From its
tasteful décor to impeccable service, Cherish in Vasant Kunj embodies the epitome of refinement.
Whether planning a lively soirée or an elegant affair, our venue seamlessly blends style and
functionality, ensuring an unforgettable gathering that will be the talk of the town.

Cherish at the Imperial Club of India
Established in 2004, Cherish has always been a favourite one-stop-destination for all kinds of events.
Bearing the legacy and the charm, the newly opened banquet in Delhi’s prime location Vasant Kunj is all set to provide state-of-the-art services.

This luxurious venue offers multiple party spaces including several banquet halls.
With customised decor and entertainment, this venue is perfect for weddings, corporates or any small get together.

5 magnificent banquet halls to choose from

 Host up to 1700 guests

Celebrate in the heart of South Delhi

Easily accessible

Ample car parking space

In-house catering

Meet the banqueting pioneer and founder

Naveen Sachdeva

Naveen believes that “big journeys begin in small steps.”

He is the man behind Cherish, an exclusive brand that caters to a range of properties in the F&B space, including microbreweries, luxury dining, exclusive outdoor catering, destination weddings, and restaurants.

Our Brands

Our Brands

Cherish Catering
Bespoke Outdoor Catering

Ministry of Beer
Delhi’s First Craft Microbrewery
(Now also in Gurgaon & Bhatinda)

Deja Brew
Brew Lounge

Fine Dining experience along with 25 exquisite rooms

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